Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Bug Photos and Other Stuff

So much to do today! How is it that even with my husband at home this week, I still feel like I have so much to do and am not getting any of it done?!?!

So quickly, I wanted to post a few new photos of Caleb. He's almost two months old and I feel like he looks slightly different everyday. Last Saturday we dipped him in the pool for the first time, which seemed to confuse him since it wasn't a warm bath.

We have also begun to get clear (well, clearER) communication from this little person. He is giving us genuine smiles (not just gas or sleep smiles) and trying in earnest to mimic us, opening his mouth wide and attempting to vocalize. Every time he opens his mouth and strains up, I feel like I should drop a worm in there. His noises now include groaning and the "half-ass cry", the one designed to get your attention and see what you will do next.

He is definitely daddy's boy. There is no place he is more comfortable than nestled in the crook of dad's arm and that is where he drops off the fastest. I don't know what I'm going to do when Dad goes back to work....

One last note for mom's with babies out there - I highly encourage you to check out G Diapers at www.gdiapers.com. They are a hybrid diaper and environmentally friendly. You can flush them or toss them in the trash, even compost them (not the poopy ones) since they bio-degrade in 50-150 days. Disposable diapers - godsend though they are - sit in landfills for up to 500 years. I don't know about you, but that's disturbing to me, considering we change Caleb's diaper over 10 times a day, at least for now. I don't use them exclusively, but we use both the disposable Pampers and the gDiapers, and I'm happy with the G's. They're great for wet diapers and when you flush them, they break up better than your standard toilet paper in the bowl. One note: if your baby's BM's are runny, there is a greater chance of leakage with the gDiaper. This is why we still use the disposables (well, that and the gDiapers seem to confuse my husband) but I say if you can cut back a little on the disposables, why not? Every little bit counts. More info and video demos at www.gdiapers.com.

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